Diet Plans

Diet plans, healthy habits & weight loss for life

Our easy-to-follow Diet Plans promote healthy eating habits you can maintain for life.

Simply select the type of diet you prefer and we’ll help you build a personalised Diet Plan based on your unique diet profile and weight loss goals.

For a diet to work, it needs to be simple and flexible. Our Diet Plans give you the freedom to swap some of our meal suggestions for your own, and our Meal Builder will calculate the number of calories each meal contains.

Our flexible, realistic diet plans will never leave you hungry. Designed for real people – and for healthy, sustained weight loss – we offer three distinct diets. Chose the one that’s right for you, and start losing weight now.

Low GI Diet

Eating low GI foods mean you’re controlling your sugar intake and will feel fuller for longer, rather than the sugar rush-and-crash that accompanies that mid-afternoon chocolate bar!

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High Protein Diet

By curbing your sugar intake, your body switches to fat metabolism. With regular, targeted exercise, you’ll see the weight come off.

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Vegetarian Diet

Supplementing your diet with fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes is a very healthy lifestyle option, and is great for the environment too.

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Finding the right diet is difficult for most people. Lots of diets promise easy weight loss…if you follow their regimented plan or – worse – buy their expensive meals or protein powders.

And every year it seems the world is gripped by a new fad diet promising a trimmer, fitter you. From cabbage soup to the Hollywood Diet, from the 3-day diet to the lemonade diet, the only thing these diets have in common is that you’ll feel hungry, unsatisfied and will – more than likely – give up after a few days or weeks.

The reality, of course, is far from the glossy promise. The reality is that healthy, sustainable weight loss is the combination of three simple things:

  • Eating healthier food
  • Exercising regularly
  • Monitoring your progress

Of course, the foods you eat and the exercise you do need to be tailored, depending on your lifestyle, food preferences, metabolism and body type. This personal focus is never part of faddish one-size-fits-all diets; and that’s why they fail so often.

At Australian Lifestyle & Fitness, we’ve worked with nutritionists to devise healthy, natural diets that combine tasty meals, flexibility and – best of all – the ability to modify meal plans based on individual needs.

Members select a base meal plan from three options, and are able to modify it as they go to create a diet that actually works!

Our easy-to-follow Diet Plans promote healthy eating habits you can maintain for life.

Not sure which diet is right for you? Get a FREE online diet profile and see how you can combine the right foods and the right exercise to achieve healthy weight loss.