Fitness Plan

Fit and Fabulous

Fit and Fabulous. There are two essential ingredients to successful weight loss: food and exercise. And even if you have the discipline to be careful about what – and how much – you eat, exercise is a stumbling block that most people struggle to overcome. For most of us, busy lives, budget concerns and a lack of direction and motivation all add up to one common excuse:

“I didn’t exercise because I didn’t have time.”

Sound familiar?

That’s why our fitness experts have devised a system that personalises exercises to accelerate your weight loss and increase your fitness. Fitness Plans and fitness programs are tailored to your weight loss goal, level of fitness and lifestyle, and directly target problem areas.

You can achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of; without gym memberships or expensive equipment!

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Keep Track of Your Exercise

Fitness plans - Keep Track of process

Depending on your body type and metabolism, you store fat in different parts of your body. The most effective exercise plan will differ from person to person, depending on whether you are pear-shaped, an apple or an evenly-overweight hourglass. By targeting your exercise plan to your body type, you’ll see results faster than you would by doing a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all workout.

By knowing exactly what exercises work best, and by understanding their impact on your body, you will see results faster. Our fitness plan allows you to track every calorie you expend during exercise. Just enter the exercise you’ve done into our simple online calculator and the amount of time spent doing it and we’ll calculate the number of calories burned.

Spend less time huffing and puffing and more time on targeted exercises, and start losing weight immediately.

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Daily Calorie Balance

Fitness Plan - Daily Calorie Balance

Counting calories… What a drag. Notebooks, pencils, calculators…all add up to a burden that’s hard to manage.

Members of Australian Lifestyle & Fitness can beat the burden with our easy calorie counter tools. Enter the meals you eat and leave the adding to us.

Keeping track of the calories you eat is only one side of the weight-loss equation. Our online tools let you track your exercise too, meaning that you can easily see your total calorie balance. Monitoring calories-in versus calories-out means you know if you are going to put on or lose weight – a powerful motivator that keeps you on track to reaching your goal!

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See Real Progress

Fitness Plan - See Real Progess

Imagine being able to predict future weight loss… Now you can with our unique Weight Versus Time Graph. Tracking your weight loss has never been easier!

We start with your FREE Diet Profile and your personalised Diet Plan and Exercise Plan. Use our simple online form to enter your starting weight and your preferred timeframe for success. Then let our unique Weight Versus Time Graph display
how much weight you will lose by sticking to your individual Weight Loss Program.

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Our members have instant access to these proven tools. There’s no better way to stay motivated and stick to your plan than by seeing the weight come off. Stay motivated from the very start by seeing results before they happen!