Get Fit Down Under: The Best Exercise Gear for Your Australian Workout Routine

Best Exercise Gear Australia

Welcome, mates! If you’re looking to boost your fitness game, you’re in the right place. We’re talking about the crucial role of importance of exercise in our lives and how proper exercise gear can play a massive role in your effective workout routine. Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes or the right set of weights; they can indeed make or break your fitness journey. Strap in and let’s get to it!

Choosing the Right Exercise Gear

When it comes to selecting exercise gear for your Australian workout routine, there’s more to it than just looks. The right gear can enhance your performance, provide safety, and add a fun element to your workouts. Factors to consider include the type of workout, fit and comfort, material and quality, brand reputation, and cost-effectiveness.

As for the top brands and products for exercise gear, keep an eye out for names like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and local Aussie favourites like Lorna Jane and 2XU. And don’t forget the up-and-comers in the latest training apparatus sphere.

Best Exercise Gear for Different Types of Workouts

Just as a tradie wouldn’t use a hammer to drive in a screw, we need to pick our workout gear according to the type of exercise we’re doing. Let’s check out the recommended gear for some popular workouts.

Running and Jogging

Australia’s beautiful landscapes make it an ideal place for outdoor cardio workouts, especially running and jogging. Quality running shoes are your most crucial investment here. They should provide excellent support, cushioning, and have a good fit. For more tips, check out this comprehensive guide to running and jogging exercise gear.

Yoga and Pilates

Looking to strike a pose? You’ll need a good quality yoga mat that offers grip and padding. Comfortable, stretchy clothes that don’t restrict your movement are also essential. From calming sunrise stretches on Bondi Beach to intensive Pilates sessions in Melbourne’s studios, the right gear can make all the difference.

Weightlifting and Strength Training

For those who enjoy pushing their limits in the weight room, safety and support should be your top gear priorities. A good pair of weightlifting shoes, supportive weight belts, and high-quality gloves can help increase your stability and protect you from injury. And don’t forget about the sweat-wicking clothes to keep you cool during those intense workouts.

Cycling and Spinning

Whether you’re cycling around the city or taking a spin class, the right gear is key. A high-quality helmet, padded shorts, and performance shoes will boost your experience. Just remember, your helmet is a non-negotiable safety accessory – even if you’re just cycling to the local café.

Swimming and Water Sports

For the water babies out there, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable and durable swimsuit. Go for chlorine-resistant materials if you’re a regular at the local pool. Don’t forget a good pair of goggles for clear underwater vision and a silicone cap to protect your hair. For surfing and other water sports, choose wetsuits and rash vests with a good fit and suitable thickness depending on the water temperature.

Where to Buy Exercise Gear in Australia

Now that you’re clued up on what gear you’ll need, it’s time to hit the shops. Australia’s got plenty of places, both physical stores and online, where you can find a range of high-quality exercise gear.

Popular retail chains like Rebel Sport and Athlete’s Foot offer a wide range of products from various leading brands. For those looking for Aussie-made gear, check out local brands like Lorna Jane, 2XU, and Running Bare in their stores or online.

On the virtual shopping front, websites like Gymshark, Stylerunner, and The Iconic offer a variety of gear delivered right to your doorstep. You can also browse through online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon Australia for a wider range of options, including second-hand gear.

Here’s a hot tip: keep an eye out for sales during festive seasons, end-of-financial-year clearance, and even random flash sales. Signing up for newsletters from your favourite stores can also land you some exclusive discounts. And remember, while you’re after quality, it doesn’t mean you can’t snag a good bargain.


So there you have it, folks! You’re now all set to gear up and get going on your fitness journey. As we’ve discussed, the importance of exercise can’t be overstated, and the right exercise gear plays a significant role in your effective workout routine.

From picking the perfect running shoes for your cardio to the best yoga mats for your morning stretches, the right gear can significantly impact your performance and enjoyment. And let’s not forget how they can also help protect you from potential injuries. So, investing in quality gear is a no-brainer!

Remember to shop wisely, considering factors like your workout type, comfort, gear quality, and price. With so many brick-and-mortar stores and online shops available in Australia, finding the perfect gear is easier than ever. Keep an eye out for those sweet deals to grab your gear at a bargain.

And finally, take good care of your exercise gear to make it last longer. Keep them clean, store them properly, and they’ll serve you well. Remember, mates, staying fit is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. So take your time, gear up right, and enjoy the journey to fitness. Happy exercising!

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on all things exercise gear, why not check out the latest in training apparatus? Head over to our latest training apparatus article for some fitness inspiration. See you there!

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